RAD Emergency Bra


The RAD Emergency Bra is a specialty Emergency Bra: a brasserie convertible into face masks with a radiation sensor incorporated into the body of the bra. In the event of an emergency, look for a change of color in the upper opening of the sensor’s pocket located under the front clasps of the brassiere. If the top opening (sensor strip) has developed a color darker than that of the lower opening (service life strip), convert the Emergency Bra into face masks and apply the mask while proceeding with the evacuation. For a quick estimate of the dose (in RAD units), remove the sensor and match the sensor’s color with side calibration bars of 25, 50, 100, 200, 400, and 1,000 RADs.

With sensor technology rapidly developing, different sensors, such as biological, chemical, and so forth, will be incorporated into the Emergency Bra in the future. The purpose of these sensors is to detect the presence of harmful airborne particles that require the use of respiratory protective masks.

The current model of the RAD Emergency Bra incorporates a radiation sensor to warn the wearer of the presence of ionizing radiation in the event of a “dirty” bomb explosion or any other type of nuclear release involving high energy gamma rays.

Note: the incorporated sensor is a casualty dosimeter for warning purposes only in emergency situations when other dosimeters or specialized detectors are not available.

Comes with instructional brochure.

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